I found the time I spent with Missy to be a great value. She really helped me challenge self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and the process of working with her added a layer of accountability that kept me focused. She is honest, but encouraging, and always had great insight that helped me. I felt I could be brutally honest with her, and that alone helped me be more honest with myself in terms of what my true goals are and the actions required to achieve them.

I was amazed at how much I achieved in a short time.

Shaun Gregoire
Vice-President, Sales
Motorists Insurance Company


Missy is sharp, driven and committed. If you work with Missy expect to get pushed and expect results. I highly recommend Missy as a coach, mentor or speaker.

CJ McClanahan
Keynote Speaker, Sales and Leadership Coach
Founder and President


We hired Missy to be a keynote speaker for our Annual Convention. There was a lot of skepticism from the committee at first because she was unknown and she was not from our industry. What she ended up doing was blowing away the committee and the attendees – she was awesome.

Her message on goal setting, and personal challenges of identifying whether you’re going in or out of a storm, had the attendees captivated and excited for the rest of the day. Regardless of your industry, her message crosses all lines and will have your group taking a new and fresh look at the “storms” they face every day.

Kevin N Wheeler, CIC
2013 PIA of Indiana Convention Chair
Cardinal Insurance Services Inc


Missy is currently serving as my business coach. Her focus is not only directing me into a position to succeed in my career; but also helping me become the best “me” in life. In a very short period of time she was able to identify both my strengths and weaknesses. By addressing my weaknesses and capitalizing on my strengths, she is able to help me achieve my goals at an accelerated pace.

Most importantly, she doesn’t simply focus on what I think are my shortcomings. She takes a big picture approach on what needs to happen for me to become successful. Her ability to understand and evaluate my business goals as a whole made it possible for me to excel beyond my original expectations. Her friendly demeanor, wisdom and unique business experience make her an effective mentor.

Greg Kaiser
Vice President
Danco Roofing Services


I hired Missy as my business coach in February of 2013. She has superior listening skills, is highly perceptive and keen in discernment. These qualities have allowed her to help guide me to develop more effective leadership skills while gaining a better understanding of my personal strengths and style.

The results I am experiencing are both simple and real. I would highly recommend her services.

Julie Wojcik
Senior Sales Director
Mary Kay, Inc