Meet Our Coaches


Missy Shopshire

Missy works with owners, entrepreneurs, and executives from small businesses, sales teams, and community groups who are interested in becoming and building better leaders.

Missy began her career in sales and quickly became a leader in her industry, ranking in the top 2% of a multi-billion dollar company for more than 10 years.  These years were also full of personal challenges.  Her daughter was diagnosed with kidney cancer and shortly after Missy was diagnosed with a rare infection that left her in a coma for 4 days and required months of recovery.  These experiences have shaped her as a leader and given her a passion for helping others embrace their circumstances and find the highest and best outcome in any situation.

Missy’s message is about purpose and belief.  She knows firsthand if your purpose is bigger than your problem, you will find a way.  She has personally coached hundreds of sales consultants to uncover their potential and inspired thousands more through speaking and training workshops.

Missy will help you discover your unique purpose, harness the power to accomplish it, and leverage your position to help others.  She’ll help you identify what is holding you back and partner with you to create strategies and accountability to move forward.  Missy provides business coaching services to executives, entrepreneurs, and teams who are ready to step into their full potential as leaders.



Greg Overby

Greg’s unique background in business education and his experience in strategic relationship building have naturally evolved into a business coaching model. Many leaders and team members have benefited from Greg’s ability to understand and draw out the strengths, skill sets and personalities of individuals at all levels of an organization.

Greg coaches individuals to build on their strengths and values in order to maximize their personal effectiveness within their organization.  Greg also understands the importance of focus and flexibility when implementing real change, bringing lasting results, and aligning masterful teams.

Greg has a BBA in Accounting and Finance and a Masters degree in Family Systems. Greg has corporate executive experience in the financial industry and extensive experience in developing and expanding non-profit organizations focusing on leadership development and life change for individuals, families and teams.

“Great leaders use the instrument of Curiosity to maximize their Authority. Ask questions, invite questions, then make your leadership decisions.”


Halle Simpson

Halle has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs and all around busy people for 20 years helping them find ways to operate more effectively and efficiently.

A few fun facts about Halle:  She created her first bucket list at the age of 8; Became an entrepreneur for the first time as a college student; Has a degree in Biology from Indiana University…that she has never used; Spent 14 years in the top 2% of a multi-billion international company where she recruited talent, trained hundreds of sales professionals, coached high performers through the challenges of leadership and spoke to masses

When they asked Michelangelo how he made his statue of David, he is reported to have said, “It is easy.  You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”

As a Coach, Halle believes every person has a best version of themselves and day-to-day life, along with our limiting beliefs can get in the way of operating at our maximum potential.  Her passion is found in supporting people to courageously step out, operate as their best self and live a life they truly want to live.


Teresa Overby

Teresa works with individuals who are interested in moving their lives forward after experiencing difficult life challenges. She works with people of all ages who want to build a life based on principles that enable them to fully embrace foundations of living that give freedom and have a life that reflects energy and movement.

Teresa began her career with the Department of Defense in the United States Air Force, and worked as a System’s Accountant for twenty-five years. She has a degree in­­­­­­­ Accounting, and 30 plus years of experience mentoring individuals.   Becoming a certified life coach and joining the Compelling Clarity team was a natural expression of her purpose and desire to help others grow.

Teresa’s purpose is to convey the belief of self-actualization and the joy of personal movement in life! She knows that we are never too young or conversely, old to participate fully in a life of that brings satisfaction of living well! Teresa offers personal coaching and workshops to help you enrich relationships, understand self-defeating messages and engage in self-empowerment.

Teresa will help you to master your own inner dialogue and develop strategies to overcome limiting beliefs so that you can move forward in the life you dream about!


Matt Bays

We have all asked ourselves, “Why am I here?  Is life meaningless?  Does my life matter at all?”  Matt believes that every one of us is here for a reason.

In full-time ministry for 20+ years, Matt Bays is a sought-after speaker and nationally published author of the book, FINDING GOD IN THE RUINS:  (How God Redeems Pain).  Coaching creatives is a natural expression of his skills and passion to help others.

As a certified coach who has worked effectively with leaders and creatives for over two decades, Matt is an insightful guide for those seeking to understand their life’s calling and see their dreams materialize.  He wholeheartedly believes in the power of your story, and will coach you to use it as a powerful catalyst to find your life’s purpose.

Matt knows firsthand that as you better understand yourself and uncover your most authentic self, you’ll become the effective and productive leader, pastor, writer, volunteer, family member, or creative person you long to be.

Discovering your purpose requires only an open mind, the courage to be honest, and the willingness to move forward with a few practical steps.  Are you ready to take this journey?


Jennifer Powell

Jennifer’s passion is people, and she works with entrepreneurs, owners, busy professionals, and those who are interested in self-development & self-clarity. She also enjoys working with teams of people who are interested in building a more cohesive and positive work place experience.

Jennifer began her career as a high school teacher. A decade later she transitioned to the business world. Starting in a sales organization, she recruited, coached, and trained, hundreds of individuals eventually making it to the top 1% of sales in the company. Over the last 10 years she has had the privilege to coach others and teams to uncover obstacles, address challenges and develop and refine leadership skills.

Growing up in a home that had many challenges including dealing with and confronting mental illness daily, Jennifer is not unfamiliar with hardships. She herself knows the personal challenges of working through and overcoming anxiety and depression in her own life. These experiences give her a unique perspective in tackling the mental and emotional issues that stand in the way of an individual operating at their best each day.

Jennifer is certified in the enneagram and find this impactful tool key in uncovering insight in helping individuals and teams alike. Jennifer’s goal for each client is to have a better and deeper understanding of themselves whether in business or life!


Lindsay Smith Business Life Coach.jpgLindsay Boccardo

Lindsay works with Millennials and the companies who hire them! She provides insight, education, and support through One on One business coaching, Group Coaching and Educational Seminars to create positive outcomes for individuals and teams.

Lindsay brings great value to our team of coaches and is the perfect choice when you are looking to develop young leaders through one on one leadership coaching or educate your company on the unique contributions and perspective of the millennial generation.

Lindsay studied psychology and public communication at Syracuse and became a fully certified coach with the International Coaching Federation. She has built a nationally recognized brand and is becoming known as an expert in helping Millennials succeed and make their best contribution in the workplace. Lindsay is also a talented musician and has toured the world playing the drums!

Some of her Speaking topics include:

  • The secret to mastering your relationships with employers
  • The hidden skill set that brings promotions
  • Why having a blueprint for professional success matters
  • Managing Millennials and maximizing their performance in your organization.


David RouxDavid Roux

As a certified Academic Life Coach, David works with teens and young adults to empower them to take ownership of their personal and academic success through positive decision-making, strategic goal alignment, passion identification, and discovering trademark values that design their future.

David’s has 18 years of experience working with students. He knows they can be stressed academically & relationally, unsure of their own purpose and lacking important life skills. David’s vision is to see students navigate life with a strong sense of who they are and where they are going.  As a student discovers those two things, he or she will gain more confidence and hope about their future.

David’s 5 month Academic Life Coaching program gets results because he works closely with each student and their parents, tailoring the program to each individual client.


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